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  • The Klever Kutter safety knife with a Stainless Steel blade is designed to eliminate user injuries and product damages in wet environments, due to old fashioned box cutters.
  • Promotional marketing has never been easier than with the Klever Kutter. Leave them with something they will remember you for!
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  • The Klever Kutter is considered safe for fingers and hands. Don't try this with any other box cutter!
  • Packing tape is no problem for the Klever Kutter safety knife.
  • The Klever Kutter has a compact design, fits in your pocket and best of all, is light weight, inexpensive and effective.
The Klever Kutter Stainless Steel blade is only available in "Red."  Other colors may be available. However, we ask that you contact us at sales@kleversales.com to verify availability.

Stainless Steel Blade Klever Kutter


Product Description

  • Primarily used for food service applications or other tasks where the blade encounters liquids
  • Rust resistant
  • Unique cardboard piercing shape of safety guard prevents damage to carton contents
  • Dual hook design lasts twice as long as single blade box cutters
  • Ergonomic ridges ensure a secure grip of handle
  • Simple design for easy storage and dishwasher safe

*Perfect promotional item with customized logos available*

Warranty Information

Klever Innovations warrants that the products are shipped free of defective materials and workmanship.

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